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Last Updated on : 20 October 2015


NHS Employers Website : Details of Tier 2 and working in the UK are on this link.
Current immigration rules can be seen on this page.


Iimmigration rules for international medical graduates are constantly changing. For latest rules in existence,
please click
HERE for the UKBA website.



Iimmigration rules for international medical graduates are constantly changing. For latest rules in existence,
please click
HERE for the UKBA website.


This link gives information relevant to Post Graduate Doctors' training in the UK.

The NHS website gives information for specialty training Here


Foundation Programme and Overseas Doctors!

Please visit the GMC web site for details of eligibility after PLAB.

F1 and F2 year programmes details are available here

These will have important implications on your eligibility for jobs.

Those who have completed Internship as part of their Medical Qualification (as is mandatory
for most Overseas Doctors), will NOT be eligible for F1 Posts.

F2 posts will be first given to all who satisfactorily complete F1 and an unspecified number
will be available to Overseas Doctors.

It has been reported that many doctors are unsuccessful in the evaluation tests conducted for
F1 trainees leading to potential termination of their training.

About Me!                  

                   Click on the link above if you wish to know more about me                                       


Why have I got this site?

I have found that a lot of candidates aspiring
to come to UK for Training in Anaesthesia in the UK don't have proper guidance
or information and we are all finding it increasingly difficult
to personally advise each and every candidate about the system here
                 Unfortunately, even the many candidates that  have personally
benefited from our help, don't give back anything to the system
and don't help or guide their friends who follow them.
                 I therefore thought I would save myself and my friends
(Consultant Colleagues) and the Trainees, the trouble of repeating
things over and over again and not being able to consistently
spare the time to do so.

                In the UK, a Consultant's life has become much harder
and we work longer hours and have a lot of admin work as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Please remember that I am only doing this out of goodwill. I am now retired from Clinical Practice

I cannot get you a Clinical Attachment or a job. Please don't send me
your CV. I won't have time to look at it.

I am not an authority on any of these matters.

Any clarification about eligibility to apply, PLAB exemption,
Examination eligibility, etc. should be sought from the
relevant authorities e.g. RCA, GMC etc.

Many Consultants are leaving the NHS and going to other countries
and some are retiring much earlier.
              So please understand if Consultants don't respond
immediately or pleasantly. A lot of us work harder than trainees half our age.

Disclaimer: Please read the disclaimer before proceeding.

This is to avoid any hard feelings afterwards.

C G Nanda Kumar (Webmaster)



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