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My Profile!

I am
C G Nanda Kumar, an old student of Stanley Medical

Madras, India.
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I did
my DA and MD in Stanley Medical College, under Prof. T Srinivasan

and his team of high calibre teaching staff.
then worked as a Tutor and then as Assistant

of Anaesthesiology in Stanley Medical College

and came to UK in1990.

I am
now a Consultant Anaesthetist at

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

I am
also the lead Vascular Anaesthetist and

am a member of the Intensive Care Society

and the Vascular Society of Anaesthetists of

Great Britain and Ireland

I am an
for the new Integrated MRCS UK examination.

I am an Anaesthesia examiner for Surgical

for the components of Applied Physiology and
Critical Care

which form part of the Part3
of the MRCS Viva examination.

I am also an Examiner for Primary FCA of The College of Anaesthetists, Ireland.

I am an Educational Adviser on the Panel of Anaesthesia UK, an Educational Website endorsed by the RCOA.

I am on the panel of Advisors of BAPIO (British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) and the moderator of Indi_go, their yahoo email group with over 4,000 members! Due to recent setbacks in my health, I will be retiring shortly from hands on Clinical Practice but will continue my academic work and Examining.

My Profile

Retired Consultant Anaesthetist and Specialist Medicolegal Adviser.

Examiner for MCAI Examinations of the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland and the IMRCS Examinations of the RCPSGlasgow and RCS England.



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