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Before you proceed, please click on this link indi_go and go through the plight of doctors already in the UK. Jobs are not easy to get and you can get an idea of the competition from the requests for help.

you have previous experience in Anaesthesia, and
if you satisfy the Royal College of Anaesthetists'
criteria, you could qualify for sponsorship by
the RCA : see below.

you have no previous experience in Anaesthesia,
you can still seek a career in Anaesthesia in
UK, but you will have to take the
test and pass it. Please remember that passing PLAB is only the first step and does not guarantee a job in any way. There are innumerable doctors who are stuck after PLAB and are unable to get a job within 6 months.

Please be aware of this and do not be disappointed afterwards!

The GMC Flow chart shows the scheme and can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding links (in blue), on the flow chart below:

What type of registration can you apply for?

Use the chart below to identify the appropriate route to registration for you. Click the highlighted text for further information. (GMC Link) : FOR THE FULLY INTERACTIVE FLOW CHART CLICK ON THE 'GMC LINK'
  1. The Royal College of Anaesthetists requires applicants to meet the following additional criteria:
    1. To be working, or have worked within the last six months, in their home country.
    2. To provide supportive references from two supervising consultants/recent employers.
    3. To hold a higher postgraduate qualification in anaesthesia that requires three or more years of clinical training, awarded by (and with a syllabus and standards set by) a national qualifications board, e.g.
      India - Diplomate of the National Board (DNB)
      Pakistan – Fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan
      Sri-Lanka - MD Postgraduate Institute of Medicine Sri Lanka
  1. The Royal College of Anaesthetists, in special circumstances, may agree to act as a sponsor for doctors who do not fulfil the criteria outlined above in Paragraph 2c. In such cases the College would expect the following:
    1. The applicant's overseas referees should hold the FRCA or an equivalent qualification and be distinguished medical practitioners known personally by a UK based Consultant Anaesthetist.
    2. The UK based Consultant should be prepared to assist the applicant in securing a suitable training position and ensure appropriate supervision. This should be confirmed in writing to the RCA by the consultant at the time of application.
  1. Doctors intending to enter the CCST (Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training) programme in the UK should be aware that the entry to the Specialist Registrar Grade is competitive and cannot be guaranteed. Candidates wishing to enter the programme would normally be expected to have completed a minimum of 12 months in a medical specialty, other than anaesthesia.

Changes to Registration with the GMC!! (Click on this link to see the latest information)

route you take, the RCA recommends 1 year out
of Anaesthesia experience before you undergo training
in Anaesthesia.

First step is to confirm your eligibility to obtain
Registration with GMC.

is usually Limited Registration.

obtain this, you should either pass the
test or obtain exemption from the

either case, you would still need to pass the
IELTS exam.

on this link to go to the GMC page:
Registration for Doctors for details about Registration.

If you are trying
to get exemption from the
test, you should confirm your eligibility for this
by writing to the RCA. To see the Training and Working options, go to the RCA website :

Yorkshire Deanery Handbook for Overseas Doctors: click on this link to see the excellent Handbook which gives a lot of information for Overseas Doctors.

You will find the details of all the information given above in this handbook.

You can either open the word document on the web or save and print or read at leisure

Please Note!

It is increasingly getting more and more difficult to get jobs especially in certain specialties.

Whether you pass PLAB or get exemption from PLAB, the competition is very heavy and please be mentally prepared for a delay of upto about 6 months between eligibility to apply for jobs and actually getting jobs. If it takes less than this time, count yourself extremely lucky.

Indi_go Click on this link to go to the Yahoo Group of Indi_go. You have to join the group (Free!) to access the Forum. Here you can see the practical difficulties faced by Overseas Doctors and could be useful to learn from others' experiences.

go to "Academic Page" for links to
PLAB related sites.

Click on this link to go to Frequently Asked Questions!


Modernising Medical Careers

I have included the links below, even though it is a long list, because the MMC is of vital importance to Overseas Doctors. This is going to change the prospects, eligibility and probably the number of job vacancies as well.

So please make yourself familiar with this New system!

What is the Modernising Medical Careers Programme?

The Modernising Medical Careers project is a major reform of postgraduate medical training.

Fundamental to the new system is the two-year Foundation Programme.

Information about the programme is available : HERE

ODTS Scheme has now been rebranded to 'International Training Fellowship'

Overseas Doctors Training Scheme has been replaced with schemes which include MTI(Medical Training Initiative). This link gives you access to the RCOA flyer on MTI

All applicants will now have to be on a Tier 5 visa under the auspices of the Medical Training Initiative (MTI).
Yorkshire Deanery Handbook for Overseas Doctors:
Yorkshire Handbook
Yorkshire Handbook.doc
Microsoft Word document [517.0 KB]
  • Stages of MTI:
  • The first step for hospitals seeking MTI applicants is to apply for MTI approval of the UK post. For further guidance please read the attached document
  • If the UK post is granted MTI approval, the overseas doctor will then need to submit the checklist to the RCoA. If the initial criteria on this checklist are fulfilled the RCoA will then send out the application pack. For further guidance and the checklist please read the attached document
Further information is available on the RCOA website, for which you can click HERE

are ambassadors of our countries and the UK is
one of the few countries that we can enter without
an exam. They do this on the basis of your qualifications
and experience and the respect given to Senior
Consultants Overseas.

is up to every one of us to uphold the standards
of our countries. This helps not only us, but
it makes it a lot easier for our successors. Things
have been tightened only because some of us have
misused the system and taken some short cuts.

is a lot of goodwill involved and it is our responsibility
not to lose it.

The following information
will be useful for Senior and Experienced Anaesthetists
who might be able to obtain a Consultant post
in the UK!
Click on the RCA logo to go to the web page that
gives you the Non Training, senior posts that
you can apply for. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see links to these schemes!
HSMP is no longer available. Click on the link above for information about Tier 5 Visa required for MTI.


Click on the above link for general guidance about working in the UK


The College of Anaesthetists R.C.S.I. is the regulatory body responsible for all anaesthesia training in Ireland and all hospital training posts in Anaesthesia are educationally accredited by the College.

Before applying for a training post, doctors must be registered with the Ireland Medical Council.

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