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Overseas Doctors Training in Anaesthesia_UK 

I have included some useful links which should
give you all the information you need
The links given
below have been tested by me but not extensively.
So if you find some links are broken or don't
take you to the correct sites, let me know!

Not all articles can be accessed without subscription.

Choose one good
journal and ask a Drug company in your hometown
to sponsor the annual subscription for an Institutional
License .

If you are lucky you can get more companies to
sponsor more journals. You can include an acknowledgment
somewhere or I can do it for you on my Web Page
if you give me the details

Search Engines!

Click on the corresponding Logo to use
that search engine!
on the link or the dog or the logo to use Lycos
for searching!
Click on the GMC
logo for Information about Limited Registration,
Click on this Logo
to go to the Royal College of Anaesthetists Web
Site, especially for Information about ODTS!
Click on this logo
to go to the extremely useful Web site of the
Association of Anaesthetists.
This site contains
a lot of guidelines for Anaesthesia and will be
most useful both for the FRCA exams and for practicing
Anaesthesia in the UK

Click on the Royal College of Anaesthetists of
Ireland to find out about Training in Ireland
Irish Anaesthetic Exams

Click on this link
to go to a very useful site for Irish Anaesthetic
Exams by Dr GS Anil Kumar,MBBS, FCARCSI and Dr Raj Byreddy,MBBS, FCARCSI :

exam discussion
Click on this link
to view the Group discussions about the PLAB exams
by candidates who are taking and have taken the

AIPPG: Useful link for doctors taking PLAB Click on this link to go to another very useful site for PLAB questions and guidance

This home office Web site has all the information
you need regarding entry into UK.
Please go through the very important information
about Highly Skilled Mirgrants Programme!
Click on this logo
for the BJA. Some full text articles may not be
accessible without subscription.
This link takes
you to the Journals Database, listed alphabetically.

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Examiner for MCAI Examinations of the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland and the IMRCS Examinations of the RCPSGlasgow and RCS England.



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